Interact with each section to add in-game items to your inventory and prepare for Agartha before public sale.

• Open to all.

You just need a WAX account to begin.

• 100+ Exclusive In-Game Items

to explore and collect.

• 100,000,000 Loyalty Points

available through burning NFTs

• Weekly & Monthly

prizes to be won for participating


Burn old NFTs to gain points and XP!


Each NFT Burnt will increase XP!


Loyalty Points can be transferred for items!


Compete for Prizes with others!

Loyalty Always has its perks

Each KamaStikra NFT Can Now Be Redeemed

100,000 NFTs from Mammoth Mythics first collection are now eligible for the Agartha Loyalty Programme. Offering early access with a 100% Value Bonus!.

How can you get Them?

Packs are still available on Nefty Blocks

Rewards are even better

Every KamaStikra NFT burnt will provide XP

For every NFT burnt in the Loyalty section, you will be rewarded with 5 XP. XP can be used to purchase tickets which can then be used to open special Agarthian Treasure Boxes (ATB’s).

But What’s In The Box?

Items such as characters, attribute enhancements and consumables can be found in these ATB’s. Some , MYTHICAL items too, if you’re lucky!

Control The Marketplace

Purchase with your agartha points. Simple

Each KamaStikra NFT will vary in points based on its rarity. Use these points to purchase In-Game Items directly connected to Agartha before any public sale. It pays to be early!

What Can i Get?

All ten characters will be available plus additional items such as weapons and consumerables to better prepare you for Agartha. Start building your inventory...

Leaders Compete For Prizes... and honour

interact with the marketplace to climb the leaderboard

The leaderboards are split into both weekly and monthly tables, both offering different reward levels. Rewards will vary throughout each Beta Season (Monthly).

How Does It Work?

Leaderboards will track your burning progress

Every time you burn a KamaStikra NFT and receive Agartha Loyalty Points, the amount will be added to the leaderboard score and continue to accumulate until the end of each Beta Season, before it is reset.

Frequently Asked Questions

Only KamaStikra NFTs are eligible for the Agartha Loyalty Programme. There's 100,000 KamaStikra NFTs available which can be burnt through our mutable smart contract. You can purchase these packs from Agartha.Game and also Nefty Blocks by clicking here.

Agartha is an open world MMORPG built on Unity. The game can will be available to downloaded on Microsoft and Macintosh devices. The game operates off-chain and only interacts with the blockchain when called upon by the player. Agartha will be compatible with both Binance and WAX.io wallets in both beta and alpha stages, or a non-custodial login for free to play options. More information can be found in the whitepaper here.

Mammoth Mythics are a gaming development studio based in the UK and are the creators of Agartha.Game. Developing unique hybrid gaming solutions which unlock real digital ownership of all in-game items. We sit between a traditional gaming model that has a locked consumer system and blockchain technology, which allows for an open asset framework through immersive game types such as MMORPGs. Please visit MammothMythics.uk for further information.